We use design thinking to help clients diagnose the urban context, market and policy environment, and ideate, prototype, and scale solutions to address urban development challenges.


Many development challenges and opportunities now, and into the future, will be in urban settings; they magnify global threats, such as youth unemployment, climate change, migration, water and food security and resource shortages. These urban challenges are particularly problematic for vulnerable urban communities with limited access to infrastructure and services. Only through innovation, collaboration and partnership, can organisations, authorities and businesses have social impact in these spaces, places and neighbourhoods.

We believe the international development community needs new approaches, business models, innovations and ways of partnering to solve these urban development challenges. International development organisations and local authorities will need to be more agile in their approaches and willing to innovate through ideation, prototyping, and scaling program and policy reforms, in order to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We know these new solutions will require shared value and multi-sectoral partnerships to address funding needs and explore new pathways to creating sustainable impact at scale.

The Urban Platform Studio is an advisory, project management and research consultancy, specialising in program design and delivery, policy and innovation across a broad range of topics, such as settlement planning, housing, transportation, land use, digital, migration and urbanisation.  Our clients include NGOs and NFP's, community and mission-driven organisations, city government authorities, universities, and businesses including social enterprises and start-ups. We are registered in Australia with personnel located across the Asia and Australia.



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