Our services

The Urban Platform Studio provides a range of advisory and project management consultancy services, specialising in social innovation, design thinking, social entrepreneurship and research to support and scale solutions that tackle today's urban development challenges, such as service delivery, housing, land use, mobility, service delivery, employment and urbanisation. Our clients include NGO's and NFP's, community based organisations, government authorities, universities, businesses, including social enterprises and start-ups. We are registered in Australia with personnel located across the Asia and Australia.

  • Research, intelligence gathering, mapping and landscape analysis | our high quality research helps clients understand urban dynamics, market demands and future needs for cities and city dwellers.

  • Strategy development | we help clients identify and develop objectives, resource requirements and strategic partnerships that align with organisational vision, and SDG's, to assist businesses, neighbourhoods, settlements and cities to thrive, grow and be resilient.

  • Business / Mission model design and transformation | we help clients determine the most appropriate business model (or mission model) to enable their strategy to succeed in urban contexts; and deliver commercial and social return on investment through unique value propositions for city dwellers

  • Project and service design and management | we go beyond giving advice, and work closely with clients to co-design, prototype, and scale their innovations (digital, infrastructure, programs, services).

  • Evaluation and Impact measurement | we use fact based market analysis and qualitative and quantitative research to support ideas and determine the social impact of initiatives and projects.

  • Incubation and Acceleration | we provide advisory and incubation services to support the development of high potential city-level start-ups and technology services , and acceleration services to develop the minimal viable products, prototypes, and scaling strategies.

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